Downloadable Map: Black River: Irasburg to Newport

Black River Reach 1: Irasburg to Coventry
This half-day paddle offers a lovely look at farmland and forest, along with a charming covered bridge. Herons, muskrats, and mink are among the wildlife you might spot. Big Falls would make for a good swimming hole on a hot summer day, and the early rapids add excitement, but are not too challenging. This paddle is best undertaken in moderate to high water, otherwise there will be lots of riffle, and the portage around Little Falls is on the difficult side.
Black River Reach 2: Coventry to Newport

This half-day paddle is an easy day trip from Newport, its almost entirely flatwater and has no rapids, making it ideal for beginner paddlers. Most of the reach is in the South Bay Wildlife Refuge, making it a good spot to see turtles, herons, beavers, and eagles. The town of Newport also has restaurants and ice cream shops for when you’re done with the paddle.

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