Downloadable Map: Second Connecticut Lake and East Inlet Lake

If you seek isolation in nature, turn towards these beautiful pristine lakes in northern New Hampshire's Connecticut Lakes Natural Area (CLNA). The CLNA was established in 2002 in partnership between New Hampshire Fish and Game Department and The Nature Conservancy and is one of the the biggest land conservation projects in the Northeast. It comprises of a total 171,400 acres and is one of the last standing virgin spruce-fir forests in the Eastern United States. You can easily paddle these two lakes in one day. If possible, try to get to East Inlet in the first couple hours of the morning because that is the best time to see a moose roaming around. Keep your eyes on the bank around the sides of the water if you want to see the carnivorous pitcher plant. Paddle to the upper northeast corner of East Inlet to get into the 427-acre Norton Pool Preserve which is a deep, cold-water pond even further away from civilization.

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