Win a Northstar 16' Northwind Canoe

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The 16' Northstar Northwind turns on a dime, yet tracks as straight as a true north compass bearing.

The Northwind 16' offers a wide variety of paddling possibilities. This is the canoe for you: if you love day trips, but might load it up for a week; love fishing but might need to maneuver through light rapids; love to paddle with a partner but might want to go solo.  Read more about the Northwind here.  Retail value $2,395.  Winner to pick up canoe in Waitsfield, VT.  Drawing date:  August 27, 2018.


Length: 16ft 6in

Length/Width Ratio: 6.2

Width: 32 gw / 36 mx / 32 wl

Sheer: 21 bw / 14 ms / 19 st

Rocker: 2.5 bw / 1.5 st

Weight: 38 StarLite /  41 BlackLite / 52 WhiteGold / 57 IXP

6” freeboard: 1000 lbs

Optimal Load: 275-575 lbs

Material: WhiteGold

Color:  Almond


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